Private Ear Recording Studio has been in business in Key West, Florida since 1983, recording the rich and famous as well as the poor and infamous. The vast array of projects have included hundreds of indy albums for musicians, national and international TV and radio voice overs and ads, narration for books and movies, background music production for TV and movies, sound efx for countless theater productions, radio jingles and beer commercials, clearing up tapes for law enforcement agencies, puppet show soundtracks, video game efx and music, bagpipes, dulcimers, harps, dozens of drunk and crazed writers screaming TROPO!, poets, sermons, helicopters, jets, dogs, industrial tools, dolphins, literary and motivational seminars, you name it...
All things must change, especially in the technology world. Last I counted, we've been through NINE generations of recording devices! This is our current setup, a mix/ master overdub room equipped with a completely 64 bit workstation running Samplitude ProX, Presonus/ Grace/ Manley front end, Equator and Adam A7 monitors.

Private Ear Recording Studio
6800 Maloney Ave. #35
Key West, FL 33040
Owned and operated by Dan Simpson and Melody Cooper
                SERVICES WE OFFER
Live sound engineering and multi-tracking performances has always been a specialty. And don't be afraid to bring us your own production to mix/ master.


We are very good at digitizing and mastering material from analog sources such as cassettes and reel-to-reel. Please contact us for details.

Two of our favorite mics, the Lauten Atlantis and Rode K2 in the Simpson Singer-Songwriter configuration
We work with venues like the San Carlos Institute and other studios for the space to record larger projects with full on bands and orchestras.